SHIFT Values Card Deck

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Strategically building a winning organization culture can be as easy as sorting through a deck of cards. The beautifully designed SHIFT Values Card Deck outlines an integrated system of 81 values that is easy to comprehend, and gives managers and team leaders a concrete tool they can use to begin crafting their team into a vibrant and attractive place to work.


SHIFT Cards 9The SHIFT Values Card Deck is an effective tool enabling leaders and managers to strategically and effectively shape the culture of their team in order to more quickly and competently achieve their chosen objectives, or even the greater mission of the entire organization.

The SHIFT Values Card Deck consists of nine master cards, representing nine categories of values that drive any organization. The deck provides a way for individuals to speak about values and more positively engage organizational culture. It can be used to discuss how values drive behaviour at work; to articulate our individual core values; as a coaching tool for employees; or as a way to set organizational values.

Thoroughly researched, rigorously tested.

Created by Ken Cameron & Alexandra Hatcher
© 2019 Corporate Culture Shift Consulting Ltd.

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