My Library - 2016

I can assist you with:

  • Bylaw review and revision

  • Establishing Organizational Values

  • Board Orientation

  • Agenda Building

  • Use of Consent Agenda

  • Policy Development, Review, and Assessment

  • Assessment Tools

  • Trust Building


Build a strong foundation for your organization through effective and efficient governance practice.

Developing and maintaining trusting relationships and living the organization’s values are essential for success, whether you are a hands-on operations Board, where volunteer Board members conduct all of the administration and programming for the organization, a Carver model Board where the role of the Executive Director and Board are very clearly delineated, or an advisory board that provides guidance to the organization.  

The role of a Board of Directors is to ensure that the organization’s purpose is being realized and that it is accountable to the public.  It is responsible for developing and reviewing the organization’s strategy and policies, being ambassadors and advocates, and encouraging community support. As well, they are responsible for maintaining the Board as an effective, well-informed working entity.  

From agenda building to policy development, review and assessment of the Board’s work and it’s staff person, to clarifying expectations, roles and responsibilities, these all work together to build a strong organization.